Infinity Public Relations




“Sam worked for the Isle of Man Department of Tourism & Leisure for six years and, with her excellent contacts in the travel media, provided us with very good promotional opportunities and attracted a wide range of journalists to the Island. She is highly professional in her approach and has been responsible for some excellent PR exposure on all major TV stations and in national publications. Sam is totally reliable and it has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Anna Hemy, Communications Executive, Isle of Man Department of Tourism & Leisure

“Infinity Public Relations has been retained by the VisitWiltshire Tourism Partnership to handle our PR since September 2008. The initial six month contract was extended for a further six months and has now been converted into an on-going arrangement. We have been very happy with Sam, finding her very easy to work with. She certainly has a wide range of contacts amongst the travel press. She seems to be used as a reference point by journalists when they are seeking information. She is also very pro-active in making contact with them and has been able to place items in the national media.”

Alun Williams, Head of Partnership, VisitWiltshire Tourism Partnership

“I was a little sceptical as to how effective PR could be until I worked with Sam and Ian at Infinity Public Relations. Some of the recent coverage and interest in the Crown has been truly fantastic. With their help we have had articles and reviews in the media that would normally be way out of our reach. I have to say that I’m pleased and pleasantly surprised at how well PR has worked out for us. Only recently we had an article published in the Newcastle Journal which provided great feedback and for two days after it appeared the phone was red hot with bookings.”

Graham Kennedy, Owner, The Crown at High Newton

"Good PR is all about contacts and Infinity PR seems to have them all! I was stunned when The Sunday Times phoned me to discuss my flowerpot muffins and homemade lemonade. Days later we were mentioned in it and we started counting the calls and emails but we soon gave up! We've received so many enquiries and bookings since and now over a month later we are still getting more as people have cut out and kept the feature on Wiltshire. The profile of the guest is also exactly what we wanted. We're now working hard to meet, and possibly exceed, our guests high expectations. Thank you Inifinity PR and The Sunday Times."

Lesa and Martin Drewett, Owners, Quidhampton Mill Bed and Breakfast

“I was very excited when Samantha launched Infinity Public Relations. She has proved immensely helpful in my dealings with her over the past five years or so, in fact, well beyond the call of duty! She has arranged trips for me all over the world and has always been spot on in coming up with locations and events totally suited to my Mail on Sunday travel pieces, so much so that I look forward to continuing to work with her closely in the future. The combination of creative thinking and efficiency, coupled with warm and personable approach, makes Samantha stand out as someone more than a little bit special in today's PR industry.”

Sian Lloyd, Presenter and broadcaster

"Getting accurate information fast is crucial to newspaper journalists. And offering interesting angles for stories is an added bonus. I know I can rely on Sam to get me what I need quickly and efficiently and offer creative ideas, too."

Kate Simon, Travel Editor, Independent on Sunday

“I have worked with Infinity Public Relations on many occasions and find their soft helpful approach generally opens doors for them. They build up good relationships with editors and always get the best results when fending off sales staff. They are always on the radar here at Group Travel World magazine and great at getting ‘your message out’ loud and clear.”

Colin Mansell, Head of Sales & Marketing for Group Travel World

“I have had the pleasure of working with Samantha previously and hope to continue to do so in the future. Her conscientious hard working attitude makes her a delight to work with. She is a very positive individual who handles tasks with confidence and relish and always delivers on time. Samantha never shies away from a challenge which is why I would have no hesitation in recommending her services.”

Lisa Young, photographer and freelance writer

“Sam is always a pleasure to work with - she asks the right questions, understands what is needed, and comes up with the goods. It sounds so straightforward, but efficiency at this level is not my experience at every PR port of call.”

Sally Shalam, freelance travel writer and Guardian columnist